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Take an action and survive the creepy adventure in one of the top horror games and really scary games! 😈
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Euphoria Horror Games
Dec 10, 2022
1.5.3 Mod
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Hello guys today I bring you a new modded game so ready to Download Antarctica 88 MOD APK (Invincible & No Ads) Updated for Android 2022 , I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

About Antarctica 88

After the great success of Death Park, the Euphoria publishing house did not hesitate to launch its new super product. And that is Antarctica 88, a survival game that combines elements of adventure and horror with an engaging sci-fi story that is sure to amaze gamers.

In addition, it also offers an extremely diverse mission system with open ends, allowing players to freely imagine and act on each scene. Furthermore, the graphics of this game is also a strong point that creates a deep impression on the hearts of the players. Therefore, Antarctica 88 has all the elements to become the exciting survival game that all gamers have come to expect.

What is Antarctica 88 MOD APK for Android?

Antarctica 88 MOD APK is the modified (Hacked) version of the official game “Antarctica 88: Terrifying Horror” published by the publisher Euphoria Horror Games, and it allows you to enjoy modified features such as: Immortality and no ads.

Do you love horror survival games? Test Antarctica 88: a super product from the Euphoria publishing house. Unlike the survival games you have tried, this one offers an interesting fantasy story with rare horror monster images. Does this make you curious about it?

Antarctica 88 MOD APK Features:

Below we have highlighted the main features of this fantastic Simulation Game, if you want to know more about Antarctica 88 MOD APK I recommend you read each feature to use the application effectively and get the most out of it.


Players participating in Antarctica 88 will begin their journey after waking up in a small cave in the Antarctic region. They need to quickly find food and other necessities, especially weapons, to deal with any impending challenge. During the journey, players can go through many places, from a narrow cave with many nooks and crannies to abandoned houses or flat areas in the dark. So what awaits you?


The game begins against the backdrop of Antarctica, a region that is cold year-round and contains many mysteries under a thick layer of ice. A brave team of explorers, including your father Vladimir Efimov, joined the expedition here and they extracted many precious minerals from prehistoric times.

However, after 6 months, suddenly no one had heard from this expedition. All communications had been cut off and no one had returned from the freezing cold. So what happened? I’m sure you’re worried about your father. So, join the Antarctic expedition with the rescue team to find out everything and bring your father back. This is definitely a journey full of mysteries and challenges.

Be careful with everything around you. The most difficult thing is not to go through every narrow corner, but to face a multitude of ferocious and bloodthirsty monsters. Keep in mind that they are not ordinary monsters like tigers or leopards, but here they are giant spiders or big scorpions or human-eating plants. They are really terrible both in appearance and in barbaric actions when attacking the player. Therefore, without survival skills, this is hell for you.


The control system of Antarctica 88 is quite intuitive and is optimized on the phone platform. In the left corner of the screen, there is a multi-dimensional key that is used to move the character in 4 different directions. Meanwhile, on the right side of the screen there are some function buttons, such as using weapons, buttons for holding items. Additionally, players can easily toggle between the different weapons in the collection by clicking on the “left arrow” or “right arrow” located next to the “use weapon” button.

Open end

In addition to the typical survival element, which means players must find and collect items, fight monsters to save lives. Antarctica 88 also offers interesting puzzles throughout its journey. These riddles will help you discover the mysterious stories behind the disappearance of the expedition and that of your father. At the same time, it is also the key to help players unlock the exit doors. What does this mean? That is, this game does not have any specific results. All of a player’s actions and choices will lead to the end of your journey.


The game possesses platform 3D graphics, intuitive first-person view, and vivid sound system. The context of the game is mostly covered by black sky, which makes the space much more intimidating. At the same time, during the game, players can listen to every sound of footsteps, gunshots, axes when fighting monsters, and play continuous melodies. This contributes to the feeling that players are experiencing a story in front of their eyes, and will sometimes be surprised by the frightening frights of everything around them.

MOD APK version of Antarctica 88

MOD Features:

  • – Invincible mode
  • – No ads.


Antarctica 88 MOD APK will be a new experience that challenges all players who love survival games. It is not only about life and death, but also about horror and mysteries that you cannot anticipate. When you join him, you always have one question in mind: “When will the danger come?” Because scary monsters are lurking everywhere and waiting for a chance to devour you at any moment. So, do you dare to try it or not?

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