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It’s a story of a common herb collector who stumbles onto a legendary sword and become a great hero.
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Dec 6, 2022
1.15.0 MENU
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Hello guys today I bring you a new modded game so ready to Download Blade Idle MOD APK (Invincible Mode) Updated for Android 2022 , I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

About Blade Idle

Are you looking for an idle action game? Blade Idle is an interesting option to try right now on mobile. It will bring you endless adventures in the fantasy world and hundreds of battles to unleash. She plays as a female knight and carries your sword everywhere. Fight, level up and unleash dozens of exciting stories and hundreds of creative enemies. This game is very easy to play, it does not require many operations. It takes place on a vertical screen, so you can easily play it with one hand.

However, the appeal of this game lies in the strategy and attractive graphics. Players will need to continually upgrade to level up, but the way to upgrade is up to the individual. Furthermore, the game also has hundreds of weapons, equipment, and items to collect. The more you play, the more items, the higher the rewards. The game context is also becoming more diverse, the enemies are more crowded. Thanks to that, you can play forever without growing, the more you play, the more fun it is.

What is Blade Idle MOD APK for Android?

Blade Idle MOD APK is an idle action RPG that was released recently. You will become a knight and go on an endless adventure to fight hundreds of unique jungle monsters. It is not necessary to manipulate much when playing the game, but you need to continuously upgrade yourself to increase the strength of the character, ready for all the increasingly fierce battles.

Blade Idle follows a herbalist. She found the blade and became a hero. You will fight against your opponents in the dungeon crawl. The game shows the entire war. Violence shows strength. As you fight, prioritize safety. Do you think you will pass the exam? Your combat skills are essential to defeat armies and creatures. Use cunning and strength to win.

Features of Blade Idle MOD APK:

Below we have highlighted the main features of this fantastic Simulation Game, if you want to know more about Blade Idle MOD APK I recommend you read each feature to use the application effectively and get the most out of it.

Reluctantly Becoming a Knight

The game starts with an interesting cut scene depicting the plot of Blade Idle. A herbalist was looking for medicine in the forest when suddenly the forest monsters threatened her. She ran all the way to the depths of the forest and suddenly saw a great sword. In defense of her, she took the sword from her and suddenly realized the tremendous power of it. From then on, she officially became a knight specializing in punishing forest monsters to protect other weak people. And so begins her journey, and you will be with her.

This trip consists of several successive stages. Players will participate in many battles with idle and free play. You don’t need to control the character because he will attack automatically. His knights will wield their mighty swords and take down all the jungle monsters in each level. After killing all the enemies, you will go to the next level. New enemies will appear and challenge her again. Thus, players will enjoy one battle after another. It is an endless journey, open and free.

Continuously improve through each stage

The task of the players in the game is to improve the knight. They are the ones who decide the battle strategy and strength of the character through each different stage. After each battle, they will use the bonus to multiply the character’s level, increasing stats like HP, DEF, ATK, and more. Also, each time you level up, the character will unlock a new skill to display in the match. Also, there is another way to upgrade which is to add equipment to the character.

There are many weapons, equipment and items that are unlocked in each stage of Blade Idle. Players will decide what to pair so that the character possesses the desired power. The equipment will include armor, gloves, hats, rings. They help increase the character’s damage or defense. Players can combine many types of equipment to ensure a balance between stats.

Unlock tons of new skins and adventures.

In addition to the equipment system, Blade Idle also impresses with a unique collection of skins. It will completely change the appearance of female knights, such as dinosaur costumes, school girls, office workers, and warrior uniforms, and more. Each outfit is very creative and charming, along with a change in weapons. The sword remains the same but has changed its appearance. Depending on the skin, it can be a stick, a giant chicken thigh, a knife, a sausage.

Full and vivid 2D graphics

Honestly, I quite like the graphics of this game. It is designed on a colorful 2D background and has full layout, motion, and effects. The character image looks cute and cool, along with smooth movements when fighting. The context is more and more diverse, the enemies more and more unique. The weapons and equipment are also designed quite neatly and very creatively. Thanks to that, this game easily attracts players at the first sight. Beautiful appearance, vivid effects, what could be better?

Blade Idle MOD APK Version

MOD Features:

  • MENU
  • – Invincible mode
  • – 1 hit kill
  • – No skill cooldown.


Anyone who loves idle fighting games should try Blade Idle MOD APK at least once. It will take you into a vast and colorful fantasy world, accompanied by flashy guillotine battles. She plays the role of a beautiful and charismatic knight and accompany her in countless challenges. Don’t forget to upgrade her with weapons, equipment and change her appearance with awesome skins.

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What's new

- Add New contents : Friends system
- Add New Package
- Improved Game system
- Bug fixes