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v5.83.3 MOD: Everything Unlocked

Download Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​[MOD: Everything Unlocked] 6.24.0 ​​for Free for Android - This is an amazing application that will help you learn English without a lot of stress and tutors who need to pay a lot of money.
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Nov 28, 2022
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v5.83.3 MOD: Everything Unlocked
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Download Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​[MOD: Everything Unlocked] v5.83.3 ​​Hello guys today I am bringing you a new modified app so ready to Download Duolingo Plus APK MOD (Premium Unlocked) Updated for Android 2022 , I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

About Duolingo Plus

Duolingo Plus APK (Premium with everything unlocked) is an application to learn and train language skills on mobile. If you are looking for a fun language learning experience combined with interesting games, Duolingo is definitely the first choice.

Don’t have any talent or interest in learning the language? Every time you pick up a language book or install a language app to study online, can’t you just focus on it for a few seconds? Do not worry because this application will help you to correct all its shortcomings. With basic grammar simulation , clever new phrases that are repeated bilingually, voices that catch the ear and work smoothly, this app is suitable for everyone.

Duolingo is the best free online language app . Just like Lingodeer , this app is designed with special features and transparent structure. It makes this app a compelling platform to study and reinforce skills in multiple languages.

What is Duolingo Plus APK MOD for Android?

Duolingo Plus APK MOD is a Modified (Hacked) version of the official Duolingo app. With which you can enjoy all the modified features like Courses and lessons, unlocked power-ups and many more features completely free without having to pay for them.

Duolingo is free to install, you can also use its basic features. However, there are some advanced features in the game that are limited and you need to upgrade your account to access them. It’s called the Plus feature . As soon as you upgrade to a plus account, you will receive special benefits. Specifically:

  • Unlock all courses
  • Download offline courses
  • Process tests are created separately
  • no advertising
  • Free educational support.

What can Duolingo Plus APK MOD do?

Once you open the world of Duolingo, all your skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing can be greatly improved. Also, by completing the lessons and answering the questions, your grammar and vocabulary skills will increase rapidly. Let’s start now with some interesting simple verbs, sentences, new words and phrases. Duolingo really is the best of the best.

Learning and improving everything step by step

Each Duolingo course is built from modules that are put together to establish and develop skills. Duolingo arranges the order in which you have to finish the other modules. Each module will only work when you finish the previous one. This situation also occurs with the individual lessons of each module. Your mission is to finish lesson 1 to move on to lesson 2, and the process is repeated over and over again.

In addition to that, Duolingo also allows you to test individual modules and groups of modules. This option is also used to check your ability when starting a new language. You can start the lesson with the basics or you can take the entrance test and let the app determine what grade level you are at.

Save time and money

This application really brings several advantages because it is suitable for everyone who loves and wants to study English without time and money. If you can’t pay a lot of money for the courses in the language center, Duolingo Plus APK is completely free and you don’t need to pay for anything. Not only that, if you are too busy to study something new, this app can also help you unconditionally. You can eat and work as well as enjoy the practical benefits brought to you by this app.

interesting clubs

Once you enter the elegant world of Duolingo, you not only study languages ​​alone, but also study with other students from all over the world. You can join any club you like and share your experiences and knowledge with them. The more good things you contribute and share with the clubs, the more benefits you will get. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the best place to study together.

Realize the strength and improve the weak

Yes, you are not mishearing because this app is very good for “realizing someone’s skills”. When you have completed all the lessons in your current course, an additional screen will appear. On this screen, you will see your “weakest words” that this app helps record as you learned through the module. This is a great way to reinforce your vocabulary and know exactly what you need to do now to improve your mistake.

And when you’ve finished a module, the bar will show numbers of how well you did from start to finish. So, you can learn more about his process, extract the experiences and take a spirit for new lessons.

More languages, more fun

This free language learning app, Duolingo Plus, gives you a choice of 19 different language courses. Therefore, it will greatly expand the knowledge and language skills of the students. If your mother tongue is English, you can try to learn Spanish, German, French, etc. If you can speak two or three languages, you can even challenge yourself with a new one. Not only that, but Duolingo also contains language courses for language speakers who just don’t stop at English. These consist of English for Czech speakers, French for Portuguese speakers, etc.

The most effective way to learn languages

It can be said that spending 34 hours of Duolingo Plus is comparable to a semester of college. You may think it’s not real, but it’s the truth. Because the interface and structure of this app are perfectly designed, which makes learners eager and interesting to learn. In addition, with the small test to check what you have learned, it will greatly reinforce your knowledge and skills. If you spend just 10 minutes to learn new lessons and review the old one in this app, you might see the differences only in a few months.


Nothing better than knowing more than one language and understanding more about its culture. No matter who you are, the learning process should not stop because of your laziness. So join the community of over 8.9 million learners from all over the world now. Don’t hesitate more than 5 minutes to install Duolingo Plus on your phone and start your first language lesson.


What's new

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… Super Duo! (Who is also a bird.)

We’re so excited to introduce Super Duolingo, a new look for Duolingo Plus. Good news: Duo looks beautiful (if we do say so ourselves). Better news: Super Duolingo still has all of your favorite premium perks, including:

-Unlimited Hearts
-Personalized Practice
-No ads

Best news: the price isn’t changing! So go try Super Duolingo, and let us know what you think!