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Fast-track your way to soccer glory in the world’s top management game. With more than nine million sales, Football Manager 2023 Mobile is the very best in the series and cements our place at the top of the mobile soccer gaming league.
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Nov 22, 2022
v14.0.4 (All)
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Hello guys, today I bring you a new modified game, so get ready to Download Football Manager 2023 Mobile APK (Full/Free) Updated for Android 2022 , I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

Acerca de Football Manager 2023 Mobile

If you are a lover of football management games on mobile, surely you will no longer feel strange with the FM series from the SEGA publisher. More recently, Football Manager 2023 Mobile has also been released with notable improvements. Although it is a paid game, it still gets a lot of love from the global gaming community.

Your task is simply to create a comprehensive team in the appearance of the best football players. Show your talent for football management by giving the right solutions at each stage. Trust me, the new features and new platform that this game brings will definitely make you extremely satisfied. Currently, you will be charged the equivalent of €11.99 for each download of this game through Google Play .

What is Football Manager 2023 Mobile APK MOD for Android?

Football Manager 2023 Mobile, the latest version of the Football Manager series, was officially released by SEGA in November 2022. Ahead of the World Cup, the world’s largest football congress which kicks off in Qatar on November 21, we can begin to create clubs that include the players you love.

Shape your football management style and become the best manager in the world in Football Manager 2023 Mobile APK. In this game, players will have a chance to tackle a football career from the early stage all the way to some glory. Start building the football club you love right now.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile APK MOD Features:

Below we have highlighted the main features of this Sports Game, if you want to know more about Football Manager 2023 Mobile APK MOD I recommend you read each feature to use the application effectively and get the most out of it.

Understand how to develop a football club.

Although there are quite a few football management games out there today, Football Manager 2023 Mobile is one of the few that offers players a true football management experience. Consequently, you will be able to use useful features to manage all aspects related to your equipment. Everything related to finances, game identity, infrastructure and more is presented in an intuitive and easy-to-manage way.

Your task in Football Manager 2023 Mobile will still be to build a real multi-star football team. Of course, you will have to start with amateur players until you get certain achievements. At the same time, the manager profile in the game is also updated according to the team development styles of different players. Choose your favorite football club and start right away.

Think of the right strategies

Basically, you are the one who interacts with the players during intense matches. Your role is to become a professional trainer with the most effective approach to matchmaking strategies. Therefore, Football Manager 2023 Mobile allows players to choose from the different squad templates available to customize the strategy to their liking. Feel free to change the players on the field to meet the exact tactical requirements set out.

train young players

You cannot use the money to recruit all the soccer stars from all over the world for your team in Football Manager 2023 Mobile. Let’s start by creating a healthy development environment for young players with the goal of creating future superstars. All content, as well as training, is available in the new Developer Hub. It is important that you are not only alone, but also can use the help of experienced stars. The enhanced youth intake feature will help you assess the prospects of each youth card bridge.

listen to the fans

Spectators are an indispensable part of creating the exciting atmosphere of the best football matches. Therefore, Football Manager 2023 Mobile has added the Supporter Confidence feature to help players reach the audience through many different ways. More specifically, you have to care about 6 types of fans in this game. They will leave comments and opinions on issues that happen on and off the pitch. It is necessary to listen to their opinions and use them as motivation to develop the team.

The transfer market is constantly updated

After each season, the transfer market situation in Football Manager 2023 Mobile will also be continuously updated to look like reality. All the parameters of each player will be evaluated through their performance on the screen on the pitch. For example, some famous players like Messi or Ronaldo will see their transfer fees and related stats reduced because they are affected by age. At the same time, in-game negotiations and loans are also displayed very prominently to help you better understand the team’s transfer situation.

The image has been improved.

Not only is there an improvement in the above factors, but the visual in Football Manager 2023 Mobile is also significantly improved with completely new animations and interfaces, such as matches, tournament draws, a management system, and more. All content is designed to be extremely fluid and detailed to make the player management process easier than ever. Of course, new visual enhancements will also be added in the future to provide the most optimal experience.

FAQ de Football Manager 2023 Mobile

What is the weight of this game?

Currently, Football Manager 2023 Mobile has a capacity of approximately 1G and this number will increase as the game progresses.

How to play Football Manager 2023 Mobile for free?

You just need to download the APK version below this article to be able to enjoy the content of the game completely free of charge.

Does this game require an internet connection to play?

Of course you do, you need to be connected to the internet while playing the game to interact with other players in various activities such as transfers, competitions, chats and more.

MOD APK version of Football Manager 2023 Mobile

MOD Features:

– Full/Free

Note: This is a SEGA editor exclusive version, there will be no MOD version. All MOD versions are fake and negatively affect your device.


Build your dream team with the help of Football Manager 2023 Mobile now. This game offers a full range of features that give you the freedom to develop your football club in your own way. All the disadvantages of the previous versions have been fixed, promising to give you an unforgettable experience.



What's new

Fixed crash on boot experienced by a few users repeatedly
Improved the packaging to help install performance
Improved Chromebook support
Fixed various other crashes
Fixed issue where the human coaching profile could sometimes not be viewed
Fixed display issue on two-legged matches with injury time
Fixed a rare issue where the match could reset