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Oct 28, 2022
1.19.9 All unlocked
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Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK (All Unlocked) v1.19.9 Hello guys today I am bringing you a new modded game so ready to Download Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK (All Unlocked, Free Crafting, Durability, Magic Split, Instant Walk and much more) Updated for Android 2022 , Hope you Enjoy it and share it with your friends.

Acerca de Last Day on Earth Survival

Last Day on Earth is a blockbuster survival game from publisher Kefir. Released in 2017 on Playstation, Steam and PC platforms, from now on a mobile platform, Last Day on Earth has been very successful. And most recently it won the award for best survival game of 2021. With over 50 million installs on Google Play , enough to prove the appeal of a true survival game.

The game is an immensely slow burning title, where you are escaping to very slowly succeed in your attempt to simply survive. That might not sound immediately tempting, but there’s something pretty compelling about that primal need to keep going.

In many of the world’s most apocalyptic themes, the most popular is the battle against zombies. Perhaps their attraction lies in the fact that they are alienated from the possibility that anyone can become attached to them. However, there are commonalities that can still be seen in all the zombies that people think of. Crowded, persistent, unconscious and can infect all bitten organisms. That satisfies the convenience of being a tough enemy for years at a time. It seems that it has become a brand image that developers can freely


What is Last Day on Earth MOD APK for Android?

Last Day on Earth MOD APK is a survival game (zombies) combined with FPS elements as its main theme. This is the first game that Kefir! officially released on mobile platforms. If you’re curious about this super survival product, join us to find out.

I’m hoping I won’t be around if there’s a zombie apocalypse. However, if I’m unlucky enough to be a part of this, I have a feeling it’s a lot like Last Day On Earth Survival , but with a very permanent kill.

Specifically, this game requires players to possess tactical thinking and precise judgment to help their characters survive ever-present threats. This is also the factor that helps us feel that this game is special.

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK Features:

magic division

It will simply multiply whatever elements you are dividing. It will duplicate them, so you don’t have to worry at all.

Unlimited Money/Gold Coins

Ultimate Money is added in this game in the form of gold coins. The more gold coins you spend, the higher the number of gold coins. You can invest coins in almost anything like MAP, Skills, XP Boosts, in the store.

Unlimited Skill Points

Your creation points will increase even after spending. Just like unlimited money, the more points you spend on the plan, it will also increase instead of decreasing.

Unlimited Crafting

Unlimited crafting means you can craft just about anything without the right resources. You do not need to have all the necessary resources to build a building.

Unlimited armor and weapons

In this MOD, the durability of armor and weapons is increased to infinity, which means that the armor will never break and it is enough to save you.

Unlimited health and thirst

You will not face the problem of health or the problem of food and thirst. This MOD will quickly restore all thirst, hunger and health to 100%.

unlimited energy

The game comes with unlimited energy and unlimited boosters. You can easily purchase these boosters with the use of unlimited gold coins.

infinite fuel

If you drive car or helicopter in Last Day on Earth Survival game then you will get unlimited fuel which will complete your game in less time.

no root required

To download and install this game, you do not need to have any rooted Android device. If you have any Android 4.1 device then you can simply download and install files and launch the game easily.

high resolution graphics

Last Day on Earth Survival includes high quality graphics. The game offers perfect real-life graphics that increase the interest in gaming. If you love playing open world games, Last day on earth is the game for you.

A tough and authentic survival game

Last Day on Earth Survival APK MOD is definitely an idea game of the theme that is already well known in the gaming community. Players of the game are interested in this topic that everyone knows about. Today, the brand has achieved more than 50 million downloads worldwide for Android users. Recently, it continues to be actively trading with regular weekly updates.

Survive the zombie pandemic

First of all let us talk about Last Day on Eartha Survival APK MOD. Apparently, hearing this title will make you think of a world full of zombies that continually threaten your life. Players will have to run away or find a way to fight, not let them turn you into that monster. Choose yourself and build your own image. You are allowed to choose your gender, appearance, and facial features like other RPGs. Also, upon entering the game, there will be endless costumes for players to choose from. from Make your character in the game your own and do not forget that the equipment has its own power.

Collect things, build and fight

With analog joystick and operation buttons on the screen. Build a small house, some means of transportation and weapons to survive in this chaotic world. Equipment to fight and survive can be found throughout the battle, and can also be crafted in your inventory. Even if you have heavy equipment, don’t forget to bring your backpack as well as food and drink. Also, the latest updates to the game will be a brand new event called “Police Station”. In this new event, people who have turned into zombies will be allowed to enter a police station. Kill them all and follow the sequence of tasks that are needed to get new rewards.

Survival is initially very difficult. That’s because you don’t have much to yourself starting out. With no weapons, food, or even clothing to wear, you are clearly vulnerable. Fortunately, the opening area is good enough to provide you with some pieces to get you started. You can search for berries, collect stones, and finally chop down trees (once you can build an axe). Many times, that is exactly what you should do.

Game object:

Your key objective is to build a base in the form of a fairly rudimentary shelter that can be gradually expanded. Build a home and then you can create boxes to store items, a campfire to cook with, and even a woodworking bench for more complex items.



What's new

- Season 30 and Season 31;
- Exclusive rewards;
- Additional workbenches;
- Technical fixes and improvements.